How to Fix Problem Loading Page Error

By | January 29, 2014


How To Fix Problem Loading Page Error

“Problem loading page”, many of us has seen this error at least once in our day to day life, some gets exhausted with it. One of my friends surely will have this error at least once a week. As he gets ____ this error I got freaked out by his repeated calls. If he calls me again I am gonna redirect him to this page.

If any error appears we can Google it using internet, what if the error itself is connecting to the internet. (You have to use another computer with internet connection and I can’t help it). To solve the error and prevent it from showing again follow the steps.

Step 1: Change your date and location.  Wrong day, date settings results in such an error.  Most of the websites check the client whether the client end computers time is matching with the local time, a difference in a few minutes or a hour won’t affect you instead a date of previous day or year will surely make your browser to show this error.

Step 2: If your time gets changed whenever you turn off your computer, it’s time to change your BIOS battery. BIOS battery gives continuous power supply to the CMOS chip which keeps the date, time and your BIOS configuration up to date. If the battery dries out the date resets to the Motherboard’s manufactured date and you have to correct it every time the computer boots into the Operating system

Step 3:   If your time is set before 2 or 3 days and even you change it often it gets to the same setting again.

Make sure you are an Admin user, as sometimes limited users can’t change the computer time. If you are an admin user and it happen then surely it’s a virus – it’s time to clean it off with some antivirus program.

Step 4: My time settings are fine and I don’t have any antivirus, what shall I do.

Check to see whether the firewall is blocking your browser from connecting to the internet. Generally windows have a built in firewall, if you have an antivirus installed then it may take over. To disable windows firewall go to control panel -> security center-> firewall -> turn off. For any other firewall use help in that specific program.

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