How to Install Windows 7

By | February 25, 2014


How to Install Windows 7 part 1

Installing an Operating system gets as easy as possible when higher versions are introduced. People have moved from Xp to seven and even windows 8. In this article we could see what are the steps involved in installing windows 7 with some screen shots. For easy reading I’ve split it into two parts. Part one consists of procedures installing windows 7 and part two contains the changes to be made after installing windows 7. People using windows Xp can dual boot Win 7 as some old games has problems running in win 7. (Dual boot will be explained in separate article).

Before installing an OS make sure that
1.    Are you installing it in a new computer
2.     Are you going to upgrade it
3.    Or you installing it for some other purpose
As each have different measures to be taken.
When installing windows 7, a fresh install is better and quicker than an upgrade. If you going to upgrade
you should have windows vista service 1 to change your OS to windows 7.

Step 1
Press the delete key to enter setup (BIOS) and set the DVD Drive as the first boot device. Press F10 to save the changes and exit. Some motherboards have different keys to enter into the BIOS setup, which will be shown when the computer boots. If you don’t want change the boot order permanently, just insert the Win7 DVD into the drive, Restart the computer and press the key specified for boot menu. It changes the boot order temporarily for that one instance only.

Step 2
Press any key when prompted. (Any key in your keyboard, and don’t ask where is the any key) and wait till it loads.

Step 3
Select your country and Keyboard layout. When the type of installation prompt shows up select Custom (Advanced) and proceed.

Select the version you want to install (which will be specified in your CD Cover).  Win7 Ultimate and Professional are customizable than other versions.



Step 4
Wait till the hard disk size gets displayed.  If it is a new computer you have to create partitions manually. Select drive options-> new-> specify the partition size in GB for example: 60000 for 60 GB-> Apply. Just create one partition to install the operating system and other partition can be created when the installation finishes

Step 4 (If you have Operating system installed already)

Select the C: drive (Most probably the first partition) and delete it. If you are not sure which is the C drive rename the drive in OS in your previous operating system and continue with installing windows 7.

Again select the free space and create a new partition. Win 7 will create a 100 MB partition automatically, which is used for system recovery process. Select the second Partition (C :) and click next. Setup will restart twice and each time the press any key prompt will be shown. Don’t press anything, if pressed the setup will again start from the first step.


Step 5
Type your username, password (if needed), and set the Time and date settings. For India it is +5:30 GMT Chennai timing.


Note: Formatting the C: will leave the boot log unchanged, so will see two windows seven when booting. To avoid such situation delete the C drive and the 100 MB partition.


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