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Why is Mobile Application Design Important?

People are opting for mobile over the desktop because of its functionality and ability to get things done quickly. Also, many people are choosing mobile apps because they are more compact and efficient than laptops.
So, it is a great reason to create a mobile app. On the other hand, the mobile app market is more popular, so competition is increasing. The number of mobile apps downloaded worldwide has already been over 205.4 billion. That is why great design is critical to the overall success of your application. It makes a difference in getting more users and boosting your business.
Great design is about survival in this era of digitization.

When you choose a design agency, you choose the future of business.

Mobile Apps Design Cost

The cost of designing mobile applications depends on many factors, so we always calculate the cost individually for each project. To give you the most accurate estimate, we need to determine a project complexity amount and the number of platforms that the app is being designed for. After this, we can identify the scope of tasks, the complexity of tasks, which technologies it can be used, and an estimated time.

The Time Frame

The more time-limited project, the higher the cost of design


The number of revisions

The more design revisions you want to get, the higher the cost.


The complexity

Complex mobile apps require more effort from designers.

Mobile App Design Process

IOS and Android platforms present their own unique characteristics, which must be kept in mind during mobile app creation. Furthermore, the requirements for their design are constantly changing. Applications with an outdated, old-fashioned interface with extremely inconvenient controls and poor graphics have no chance.

Our experts are very knowledgeable in the field of developing an ergonomic and innovative design for both iPhone and devices running on the Android operating system.

Statement Of Work

This step includes key points of cooperation between the customer and F5 webdads2u: price, lead time, and features of communication between the manager and you.

Investigation for Mobile App Interface

F5 webdads2u designers are users and experienced designers at the same time. So they have the ability to understand a problem and solve it in the most efficient way. Testing and analysis of the latest innovations make it possible to create a new and unique mobile app that will meet modern trends.


UI is to be seen, whereas UX is to be felt. F5 Studio designers combine emotions and functionality through colors, forms, and symbols. As a result, the mobile design amazes your user. What about mobile app UX design? All successful apps share one similar.

feature — they provide an excellent user experience. If users find the application difficult to interact with, they’ll abandon it. In fact, your app only gets one chance. That is why your investment in UX design.

Mobile Apps Testing

After creating a prototype of the future design, specialists must make sure that the mobile application is good from the user’s standpoint. We provide UI tests for mobile apps during the design stage that allows us to avoid the most issues. This approach saves time and money because it is better to fix issues and bugs before the app development phase and launch of the product. We make interactive prototypes, resulting in the results of the actions of real users.

Visual Design

F5 webdads2u designers use colors that are less stressful on the eyes and are based on psychology because the color may influence a person’s mental or physical state. Therefore, we prefer pleasant restrained color combinations, which may include contrasting colors, but low brightness. Also, our designers are careful about a number of elements. Because it may be difficult for the user to perceive too many elements or too much content on the screen of a mobile device. We make the font size so that the text is readable at all screen resolutions.

The Principles of the design of mobile apps


Color scheme

For 85% of buyers, color is the main factor when choosing a product. In addition, color improves brand awareness. For example, deep blue is Facebook, and sky-blue is Twitter. Even for economical applications, color matters. Testing of Greenbot confirmed that the use of black in the design saves battery power. Google also confirmed that “dark mode” saves the device’s battery on Android Dev Summit 2018. We select the right color scheme for your app.


User journey mapping for mobile apps

UX design of mobile applications designs their functions and properties. How many steps will the user need to reach their goal? What additional features will he have along the way (read reviews, specifications, check photos and ratings, do you need an Internet connection to perform certain tasks)?


Mobile icon design

Gadget manufacturers every year make the width of devices bigger and bigger. And how does the user interact with such a huge screen? For this, application interface designers use ergonomics. All elements must be sized so that the user can reach the icon with his thumb. For this, they place important elements at the bottom of the screen.



UI design of mobile applications is the best way to create the necessary atmosphere for users. Immediately after launching the application, color solutions, forms, fonts, and buttons will cause the user to continue working with the program or not. Our task is to make the users fall in love with the atmosphere from the first click.

Need to order mobile app design?

F5 webdads2u specialists do high-quality work here and in a short amount of time to optimize efficiency. Through entrusting your project to us, you can count on smooth communication, full control of project processes, respect, and an ideal result that you will be proud of.
You can choose an optimum budget because we use the transparent model of the cost assessment. The cost of mobile app design depends on time limits, complexity, estimated time for marketing research and competitive analysis, and user research. Our competent project managers can make it possible to save your money while making the best product at the same time.
Even if you just need a consultation, our specialists will give you an answer in 24 hours. Please share your amazing ideas with us and allow F5 Studio to make your dreams come to life.

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